July 2011 Reunion

UPDATE 29/06/2011: July 2011 Reunion. The time of BBMF Lancaster flypast has been modified. See http://www.550squadronassociation.org.uk/ for details.

UPDATE: 20/05/2011: Full schedule information – including BBMF Lanc flypast on Sat July 2 – now available. Hotel booking details, menu details, etc. all in the May Newsletter – now in distribution (and summarised online).

UPDATE: 06/05/2011: For those attending the July reunion – there is the opportunity to visit RAF Conningsby and see the BBMF Lanc BQ- B. See http://www.550squadronassociation.org.uk/pages/BBMF2011-aircrew-special-offer-reunion-weekend-july-2011.php for details. More details will be published in the May newsletter.

The latest information about the July 2011 Reunion in North Killingholme, including confirmation of BBMF Lancaster flypast, was issued in the March Newsletter. See http://www.550squadronassociation.org.uk/index.php#Events2011Notice for details.

Reunion 2010

The schedule of events at the reunion in North Killingholme on Saturday 3 July 2010 has had to be modified because of a change in the timing of the BBMF Lancaster fly-past.
See http://www.550squadronassociation.org.uk/ for details.

Latest information on arrangements for the July 2011 reunion now online at:

Armistice Services, North Killingholme, Sunday 8th November 2009

Some photographs of the wreath laying on Remembrance Sunday at the Squadron Memorial Stone in North Killingholme are now available.
Thanks to Mike Leeman for making these available.

Photograph Collection

A high resolution version of the photograph of RAF 550 Squadron taken at North Killinghome in May 1945 (and available in lower resolution at http://www.flickr.com/photos/550squadron) is now available at http://www.550squadronassociation.org.uk/pages/550-sqdn-photos.php. Data storage space restrictions have meant the high resolution photo could not be stored to the standard 550squadron gallery location. Several other photographs from around the same period are also shown.

Log-books and other documents produced, or used, by air-crews can be seen on the same site at URL: http://www.550squadronassociation.org.uk/pages/550-sqdn-documents.php.

Thanks to Tony Fleming for making a number of these photographs available.

Anyone with other photographs, or copies of log-books, crew training manuals, etc, etc, who wishes to have them made available do please send them in or contact us at the email address in the ABOUT box on this site or use the http://www.550squadronassociation.org.uk/php-library/contact.php details.


Archived website


Just a quick note to say that the old version of the website at http://www.550squadron.theraf.co.uk/ (now defunct) is up and running again at http://www.550squadronassociation.org.uk/original-site-archive/index.htm, though sadly without pictures – we’re working on this at the moment.


Lancaster at Bournemouth Air Festival

BBC photos of the Bournemouth Air Festival, with a Lancaster flypast (amongst others). There are photos here from Blackpool Air Show too.

Video from last year’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at Bournemouth is here.