Here are some of the memorials to the squadron:

Lancaster Approach, North Killingholme

Wreaths on Remembrance Day

Dedicated to the entire squadron.

Westerlo, Belgium

Westerlo Memorial

This is dedicated to the crew of seven who died on the night 21/22 May 1944 near Westerlo, Belgium.

Westerbeek, Holland

Westerbeek Memorial

Westerbeek monument to the crew of PD221, 550 Squadron

Dedicated to Lancaster PD221, BQ-R of 550 Squadron piloted by F/O RG Nye which crashed near Westerbeek on 3 February 1945.

Fleville, France

Fleville Memorial Stone

Dedicated to RA502 BQ-Z and NG202 from 170 Squadron which suffered a mid-air collision on 1st February 1945.


4 responses to “Memorials

  1. Louis

    Sorry, I hadn’t asked your permission to include your photos in the new version of the site – but I assume this is your blessing. Thank you so much for all the photos you have contributed – I will link to your site on the front page.

  2. Hi,
    I set up a commemoration in May 2005 regarding the crash of Lancaster PD221 of 550 squadron RAF in Westerbeek, 3rd Febr. 1945.

    How can I place photo’s on this site ?


  3. Email your photos to 550squadron [at] and I’ll put them up! Any more photographs from others are appreciated.

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