Photograph Collection

A high resolution version of the photograph of RAF 550 Squadron taken at North Killinghome in May 1945 (and available in lower resolution at is now available at Data storage space restrictions have meant the high resolution photo could not be stored to the standard 550squadron gallery location. Several other photographs from around the same period are also shown.

Log-books and other documents produced, or used, by air-crews can be seen on the same site at URL:

Thanks to Tony Fleming for making a number of these photographs available.

Anyone with other photographs, or copies of log-books, crew training manuals, etc, etc, who wishes to have them made available do please send them in or contact us at the email address in the ABOUT box on this site or use the details.


2 responses to “Photograph Collection

  1. I’ve just managed to find my dad (Bob Morley, F/E on P/O (later F/O) Elliott’s crew, “B” Flight) in the May 1945 Squadron line-up. Sadly he’s no longer with us so I can’t ask him about it, but I’m sure he’d have been quite emotional at seeing all the old familiar faces again.

    Many thanks to you for posting the photo, and to Tony Fleming for making it available.

  2. Peter Seymour-Howell


    Can anyone remember my grandfather Dudley Robert Seymour-Howell, may have been known just as Dudley Howell. I’m trying to find out about his RAF career and have been told by a family member that he may have served in 550 sqn . I have looked closely at your great sqn picture but am unsure if I can see him or not.

    It would help me greatly if I could find a link to 550 sqn.

    Many thanks

    Peter Seymour-Howell

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