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  1. I notice the roll of honour lists the brave men who died, but a list of thos who survived would be nice, to track and reference and for members to contact each other ??

    • As yet I wouldn’t know where to start compiling such a list. If anyone knows how to go about it, please let me know and I’ll try and organise something.

    • There is an approximately quarterly association newsletter that Jack Harris compiles and distributes which provides members with contact names, details, etc. In principle it would be possible to provide an archive of the newsletters; but I imagine there could well be privacy issues regarding private address and phone numbers, etc being given out without consent.

  2. My Uncle Sgt DAW Mayo was killed in Lancaster LL851 BQ-V of 550 Squadron which was shot down on the night of 21 to 22nd of May 1944 returning from a raid on Duisburg in Germany. I have contemporary and modern photos of his grave at St Niklaas. The first set of photos were taken in either 1944 or 45, along with a letter from my grandfather’s colleague who visited the grave a couple of days after the crash. There was a Gareth Jarvis who posted a comment on the old site, that I have been trying to get in touch with, as his father (I believe) was also on that flight.
    I would be most interested in any contacts withy regards to this.#
    Phil How

  3. My uncle, P/O Peter Dukelow was also killed in Lancaster LL851 in May 1944. He is buried in St Niklaas Belgium with Sgt Mayo, P/O Durham, Sgt Bruty, Sgt Towsley, P/O MacDuff and Sgt Jarvis. I have copies of photos of the crew’s burial by German officers with full military honours if any descendants of the crew are interested. I would love to see a photo of the crew together or any of the other crew members.

    • Hi
      It’s really great to hear from you.
      David Mayo was my Mum’s little brother. Sadly Mum died in 2007 aged 87, and her other brother Capt Philip Mayo (after whom I am named) died in November 2008 also aged 87.
      I have many photos of David as a child, and some of him in the RAF, including one with Mum, Philip, and my grandfather all in uniform.
      It was the last time they all met.
      I have a photo of the graves with flowers on them and the memorials written in German.
      David was not identified at the time, and his grave is marked simply as “Britischer oder Kanadischer Flieger”
      Mum was in the WAAF.
      Philip flew spitfires in the Battle of Britain, and then Mosquitoes, before flying for BEA and British Airways.
      He went to Canada to join up, as he was too young to enlist over here.
      Grandpa was a Captain in the Army in WW1, and was gassed at Yppres, then wounded at Passchendalle. I have his Military Cross.
      He was a Squadron Leader in the RAF in WW2.
      I have the details of all the air crew, as I’m sure you do. It would be great if we could swap photos and info.
      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind Regards
      Phil How

  4. Hi Phil
    I was very excited to hear from you. Your family certainly has an interesting military history. I would certainly love to swop information and photos especially about David Mayo. My e-mail is skye.com@clear.net.nz.
    I look forward to hearing from you, Phil
    Kerry Campion

  5. I read on The Lancaster Archive site that the Bomber Command Medal has been turned down by the British Government. Sad for all those who served, and especially those who died in the defence of the free world. I encorage families to apply for the commemorative medal as that is quite nice to have, if not official.

    Tony Fleming.

  6. Judith Winckles

    Flying Officer (Air Bomber), Robert Ranui BRADSHAW, RNZAF, appears on the Roll of Honour on this site. No. 4215727, aged 20, son of Albert and Daisy Bradshaw, of Haumoana, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, F.O Bradshaw is buried at Stonefall War Cemetery, Harrogate, N. Yorkshire, UK. I would appreciate any information on him. Harrogate had a Military Hospital so many men buried at Stonefall were patients there, but not all. Judith

    • Hi Judith

      I decided to look on internet for information about my uncle Robert Ranui Bradshaw. I didn ‘t know a lot about how he got killed until I read different websites describing the crash. About 7 years ago I visted Harrogate and went to Stonefall Cemetery to find his grave. Then the following year I took my father (89years) to England and we went to Stonefall Cemetery. My father and I felt quite emotional standing at his graveside. We were really impressed with the way the cemetery is kept. . He was the middle son of my grandparents. My Dad died 3 years ago and the younger brother is still alive (87years). My grandparents originally came from England separately then met and got married in NZ. I am a kiwi still living in the area that Bob came from. I was only a little girl when he died so don’t remember him. I have been told that he was a lovely young man that was passionate about horticulture. When Bob died my grandmother who did not want him to join the airforce turned into a really bitter woman and took it out on my grandfather and her other two sons. Hope you receive this email.
      Kind regards
      Barbara Alexander

  7. Susan and Sarah Jones

    Ronald Alfred Jones born 09/05/1922 air bomber pilot in 550 squadron – does anyone have any memories or photos of him – started training in 1942 in Canada joined 550 in March 1944 and flew 32 operations as first pilot on Lancasters -died 18 April 2012 R.I.P.

  8. Elizabeth Pickavance

    George Pickavance Squardron 550 RCAF also John Pickavance of the RCAF WWII era photos please

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