There is a gallery with photos from throughout the history of the squadron – portraits, crews, planes, reunions and so on. If you have anything to contribute, either comment or email. Names, titles, details, places, exact dates and so on would all be appreciated.

If you have higher resolution replacement photographs than any on this site, please send them in.


5 responses to “Gallery

  1. A much improved site, well done. I have photos of James Arthur Trayhorn, 550 air gunner k.i.a 28th August 1944. Please let me have a contact email address.
    Many thanks,
    Phil Trayhorn

  2. The email address is 550squadron [at] – if you have photos online I can link to them, or email them and I will put them up.

  3. Looking since a longer time for Mr Gary Barratt, relative of Sgt. Wilfred Barratt, Lancaster ND425. The aircraft was shotdown very close to my hometown. Some weeks agay the daughter of the reargunner has visitied the crash place and the cemetery where the crew was buried first.

    Norbert Vollmann

  4. Would appreciate hearing from anybody who may have known my father, Edward Griffiths. He was a rear gunner and from Chorley. After the war he relocated to Southern Rhodesia. Moyra Woodward – South Africa

  5. Looking for anyone who would have know my father flight sergeant William R Ross (Jock) 550 Squadren Blackler Crew, PA 995 “the Vulcan strikes”

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