North Killingholme

550 Squadron’s base was RAF North Killingholme, an airfield near the village in Lincolnshire. You can still visit the airfield today, and each year the 550 Squadron Association returns to St Denys’ Church for the reunion and Remembrance Day.

8 responses to “North Killingholme

  1. I am doing some research into my late Dad’s (Fred Dawson) time with 550 Sqdn. Does anyone know where i can find how many ops a Lanc had done at a specific time ? My Dads Log book shows he did ops in the Phantom, Vulture Strikes, and his main Lanc of S-S Nan. I wonder how many people actually managed to fly in 2 ton-up-lancs as well as a third that did 94 ops???

    • Hi Fred
      I have a copy of TON UP LANCS which i can send to you to hopefully help you with your research into your dad’s war service. If youy wish me to send it onto you either text your address to me on 07903790394 or leave a reply here.
      Kind regards

  2. The ORB has the info. This can be purchased from the PRO.
    Failing that:
    is being populated with the ORB. (27 Dawson hits on the page to date – although not all of them the Dawson you seek).

  3. A thought: if you can get a hold of a copy of the book “Ton-Up Lancs (ISBN on the association web-page) you will find the names of every crew-man on every op on every one of the 35 Ton-Up Lancs that flew in WW2 (3 of them being 550 Lancs).

  4. Hi , I heard the Association was on Facebook ? . I couldnt find it ,but never mind . My Cousin flew with 166 SQN , Sadly Ross was killed on the freidricshafen Operation on the 27/28th April 44 . Ever year North killingholme gets a mention along with 166 SQN Kirmington at the Elsham Wolds Reunion . IT really would be great to see Veterans from all Four SQNS meet up for a “DO ” under the Flag of 1 GROUP ,as Elsham Wolds was the “Mother Station” Make it happen -Please At the reunions Killingholme is often mentioned !

  5. Do any of you remember William Harold Westley he was a navigator from 1942 and based at north killingholme. He is my father in law

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